Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Model Photos for Montaging

Quick little experimentation in Photoshop - very exciting now on a texture mission!

Model Making 1:200

Very excited about doing montages - it was worth being pain staking over model scale. Sunshine early morning (8-9) and 6pm in the evening are giving the best shadows at the moment! Don't forget to rotate your model so that the shadows are cast as they would be at Farindon's! x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rendering of Ornamental Planting Take #2

Too many Easter eggs and some very muddy walks with the dog later.....I think I have cracked a rendering style for the ornamental planting. Jenn does pointillism.......

Rendering Tests For Ornamental Planting

Proving Tricky to get this to look right! Too close together and the colour turn to murky brown. To light and the colour doesn't have enough strength. Third image from the top is probably the most successful but I think the strokes are too long, which results in a streaky graphic. I feel it would look better if in proportion with the size of the planting area.