Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Exhibiton @ Hadlow College 31st May 2010

Really pleased with how the sheets came together overall. Layout really worked. Not sure about the colouring of the concept sheets it perhaps jars a little colourwise and possibly needed to have more strength next to the bold plans. Sections and sequential sketches have turned out better than expected but need greater strength in the render so that they sing out more from the wall.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Planting Plans Almost there........

Am I the only person to manage to produce 8 X A1 sheets for my planting plan?! I must actually be going mad!

p.s Why is it that a fly has the entire outside world to fly around in and instead he decides to be in my shoebox and thinks it's ok to use it like a super highway! Silverstone is up north mate...........and if you continue to buzz you are actually going to feel the left handed volley power of my flip flop! Keep the noise down and stop that wing flapping!!!


My Website - really just a place holder at the moment plan is to get real work images and text up there over the summer.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

My only company whilst rendering........

Breakfast Visitor......

There I am sitting in the garden having my porridge when there is a giant rustling and a horses head appears on the bank, beyond my fence, even brought her baby to visit.

This is the first time the horses have ventured over the skinny sleeper bridge - how they found it in all the overgrowth I will never know! Still a welcome breakfast companion.......

Rendering Colour Chart

Model Video.......

Why did I think it was a good idea to upload a video........10 minutes later and still loading........more Tea I think..........ok look at the time it's cake o'clock! Lemon Drizzle MMMMmmmmmmmm..........you can't work without it!

16 Minutes and still going........is it wrong to have more cake? Hmmmm?!

18 Minutes we have lift off.......

Concept Sketch Sheet in Draft

Sequential Sketch Rendering Fest in Progress......

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Model Photos for Montaging

Quick little experimentation in Photoshop - very exciting now on a texture mission!

Model Making 1:200

Very excited about doing montages - it was worth being pain staking over model scale. Sunshine early morning (8-9) and 6pm in the evening are giving the best shadows at the moment! Don't forget to rotate your model so that the shadows are cast as they would be at Farindon's! x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rendering of Ornamental Planting Take #2

Too many Easter eggs and some very muddy walks with the dog later.....I think I have cracked a rendering style for the ornamental planting. Jenn does pointillism.......

Rendering Tests For Ornamental Planting

Proving Tricky to get this to look right! Too close together and the colour turn to murky brown. To light and the colour doesn't have enough strength. Third image from the top is probably the most successful but I think the strokes are too long, which results in a streaky graphic. I feel it would look better if in proportion with the size of the planting area.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Plan at last managed to upload

Returning to Chalk and Slate!

Oh my god! It's official I will not be uploading Plan, Sections or planting plan as blogger is taking the biscuit telling me upload is done and then everytime I publish nothing appears! The images are jinxed! And yes I have checked the file size they are tiny KB! Bored now not playing......returning to hand drawing sequential sketches with chalk and slate there are times I cannot be doing with technology!

1:200 Plan, Sections and Planting Plan

Take two to upload images.....blogger not playing ball! :(

Actually getting fed up now I have better things to do then waste time with four attempts to load images!

Tree Rendering

Experimenting with different rendering techniques - test for trees. Still needs developing further.

Sketch Up Model of 1:200 Development

Elements within development colour coded so that can easily be used as a base for sequential sketches.

1:200 Development in Progress

Sections still require a little tweaking as does the planting plan progress continues.......

images won't upload will have to try again later :(

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lille Charrette: The final Masterplan and Presentation

5 x A0 sheets including; hand rendered Masterplan (1:1000), Sections, Sequential sketches, phasing information and 1 x A1 model @ 1:1000. Were produced and presented to a panel of English and French Tutors and Lille Town planners on the fifth and final day.

Lille Charrette: Merging 2 concepts into one.

Two groups of four students merged into one group of eight. The concepts 'Line Meeting Movement' and 'From the Hill' were merged to form a duel concept of 'Percolation of Line Through Movement'.

A schematic graphic to illustrate the merged concepts was drawn.