Monday, 29 March 2010

Plan at last managed to upload

Returning to Chalk and Slate!

Oh my god! It's official I will not be uploading Plan, Sections or planting plan as blogger is taking the biscuit telling me upload is done and then everytime I publish nothing appears! The images are jinxed! And yes I have checked the file size they are tiny KB! Bored now not playing......returning to hand drawing sequential sketches with chalk and slate there are times I cannot be doing with technology!

1:200 Plan, Sections and Planting Plan

Take two to upload images.....blogger not playing ball! :(

Actually getting fed up now I have better things to do then waste time with four attempts to load images!

Tree Rendering

Experimenting with different rendering techniques - test for trees. Still needs developing further.

Sketch Up Model of 1:200 Development

Elements within development colour coded so that can easily be used as a base for sequential sketches.

1:200 Development in Progress

Sections still require a little tweaking as does the planting plan progress continues.......

images won't upload will have to try again later :(