Saturday, 31 October 2009

Group Survey

Transport Types and Connections well under way! Draft version attached

Sketch Design 4

Photograph and model photograph merged together in Photoshop. Printed, traced over, photocopied collaged and colouring pencils. Really like the textured effect that collage brings to images, scanning in loses some of this. Still need to work on rendering with pencils. Not sure the two work particularly well together. Think perhaps that there is too much abstract collage and I should have retained elements of the sketch. Improvements for next time....

Model of Front Lawn Proposal

20 minute model to overcome issue of how on earth to draw the levels as they step up and down depending on direction of viewing. Brown cardboard box and uhu glue.

Initial Visit Map From Memory

Amazing what you can remember when you close your eyes and walk around in your memory! Time: 20 minutes.

Draft Ideas For Front Lawn Development

It's a pear drop island, sloping in two directions surrounded by a sea of grey asphalt! Hotch potch of trees! Section, survey and ideas on trace, pen 0.1, green felt tip and crayola pencils. Time: 1 hour

Faringdons Initial Thoughts

Brainstorming of initial response, feelings towards the site following first site visit. Currently feeling hmmmmm....feels very much like garden design.