Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lille Charrette: The final Masterplan and Presentation

5 x A0 sheets including; hand rendered Masterplan (1:1000), Sections, Sequential sketches, phasing information and 1 x A1 model @ 1:1000. Were produced and presented to a panel of English and French Tutors and Lille Town planners on the fifth and final day.

Lille Charrette: Merging 2 concepts into one.

Two groups of four students merged into one group of eight. The concepts 'Line Meeting Movement' and 'From the Hill' were merged to form a duel concept of 'Percolation of Line Through Movement'.

A schematic graphic to illustrate the merged concepts was drawn.

Lille Charrette:Gare Saint Saveur

Initial group of four design concept for the site. Line meeting movement. 1xA0 sheet illustrating proposal. Plus 5 power point slide presentation illustrating concept development. Lower immage illustrates a schematic representation for the concept.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Step & Seating Combination Chiswick Park West8

Spotted this step and seating combination at Chiswick Park by West8. I have a wave seating feature which is my resolution to the junction of the rear terrace and garden. In the current design it is just a regular set of steps. R:150 and T: 450. I'm keen to combine this with seating as it's such a strong feature. And as a public space I can see entertaining taking place on the extended terrace. I have already incorporated planting beds cut into the steps to soften them. Although the final pattern, size or random needs to be determined. The stepped seating area at Chiswick was H:480-490 D:1200. There were 3 steps to each level of seating.

I'm still undecided about the materials I would use. I wouldn't suggest that I will necessarily use the materials which are used at Chiswick as they feel perhaps to urban for Farindon.